Chris Byars’ Tributes to the Greats

Since 2002, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with the New York City-based saxophonist/arranger/composer Chris Byars on a variety of projects involving the legacies of jazz innovators worthy of greater recognition. With the recent (January 2017) release of his Frank Strozier tribute, he has now recorded six such albums, all of which are mandatory listening if you enjoy old wine in new bottles. Listed below, they are all highly recommended!

The Music of Frank Strozier (2017)

The Music of Duke Jordan (2014)

Music Forever (2012) [Freddie Redd]

Lucky Strikes Again (2011) [Lucky Thompson]

Blue Lights: The Music of Gigi Gryce (2009)

Dances with Bulls (2009) [Teddy Charles – Note: This CD gives leadership to Charles, but Chris was responsible for putting the project together including writing the arrangements. Recorded in July 2008, it was Charles’ first studio session since 1967!]