Local Artist Appearances 1957

Jan 04Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioJoe Kloess (p), Eddie DeMatteo (b)
Jan 04, 11, 18Golden GrillDixieland RamblersFridays and Saturdays; steady gig continued into February, March, April, May
Jan ??Band BoxDoug Duke Trio4th smash week!
Jan 18, 25Paddock LoungeFrank Gillespie (p), Sam Musseri (ts), Tony Corona (d)10th week; steady gig continued into February
Jan 25, 26Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioJoe Kloess (p), Barney Mallon (b)
Jan 25, 26Pittsford InnJohnny Albert Band
Feb 08Band BoxDoug Dukenightly
Feb 15Cutler UnionEastman School Students ConcertAl Regni Big Band, Syd Hodkinson, Joe Scianni Trio, Larry Crosley Sextet, Noel Stevens's Strings; Benefit for Heart Fund
Feb 21, 22CariocaJohn Dunlap
Mar 01, 29, 30Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triogig continued into April
Mar 08, 29Sparky's Avenue RestaurantDoug Duke TrioAl Bruno (b), Don Sheldon (d)
Mar 22, 29Mr. B's Bar and RestaurantPops Gillespie All StarsSam Musseri, Tony Corona; stady gig through April, May, June, July
Mar 24Strong AuditoriumEastman School Students ConcertBill Motzing, Syd Hodkinson, Al Regni Big Band, Larry Crosley Sextet, Joe Scianni Trio, Lee Dougherty
Apr 04Jerry's El RanchoDoug Duke Triosteady gig through April
Apr 21Recreation InnDunlaps Bandevery Sunday
May 10, 11Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioJoyce McGrath (v); steady through May, June, July
Jun 08, 28, 29, Jul 12, Aug 8, 9Golden GrillBattle of MusicSalt City Five vs. Dixieland Ramblers
Jul 28, Aug 02Sparky's Avenue RestaurantAl Bruno Jam Session
Aug 16Golden GrillMax McCarthy & Dixieland Ramblersevery Friday & Saturday
Aug 16Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioFriday & Saturday
Aug 24, 30KasbahDoug Dukesteady gig through September
Aug 30Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioJoe Kloess, Al Bruno, Joyce McGrath; steady gig through September
Sep 05, 13Golden GrillBattle of DixieDixieland Ramblers vs. Tailgate Ramblers; Friday & Saturday
Sep 20, Oct 04J&L LoungeDunlaps Band
Sep 27Mr. B's Bar and RestaurantPops Gillespie All SatrsSam Musseri, Tony Corona
Oct 4, 5, 11Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioJoyce McGrath, Tommy Nichols (ts)
Oct 18, 25Manger Hotel BallroomMike Arena All Star Orchestra
Nov 1, 2Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Trio
Dec 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers & Salt City Five
Dec 13, 14, 28Ridge Crest InnDon Manning TrioSam Tomasino, Joyce McGrath

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Rochester, NY Venue Locations:
Band Box – 420 State St.
Carioca – 2960 W. Henrietta Rd.
Cutler Union – University Ave. (Prince St. campus of University oif Rochester)
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras – 4775 Lake Ave.
J&L Lounge – 881 Merchants Rd.
Jerry’s El Rancho – 3015 W. Henrietta Rd.
Kasbah, The = Rattlesnake Pete’s – 8 Mill St.
Mr. B’s Bar and Restaurant – 361 Child St.
Paddock Lounge – 2264 Clifford Ave.
Pittsford Inn – Pittsford, NY
Recreation Inn – West Lake Rd., Conesus Lake
Ridge Crest Inn – 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Sparky’s Avenue Restaurant – University Ave. at E. Main St.
Strong Auditorium – River Campus, University of Rochester