Local Artist Appearances 1958

Jan 10-11Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triowith Milt Williams, Penny Boatman
Jan 24-25Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers
Jan 17-19Ridge Crest InnWill Alger and Salt City 5
Jan 17Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers and Don Manning QuartetBattle of the Drums
Feb 08Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triowith Shelly Harris
Feb 22, 28Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Trio
03-01Golden GrillDixieland Ramblerswith Joyce McGrath (v)
Mar 17, 31J&L LoungeMatt Scherziwith Joe Caruso (b), Bill Porter (d); Jam Session
Mar 21-22Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triowith Bob Dineri (v)
Mar 29Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers
Apr 07J&L LoungeMatt Scherziwith Joe Caruso (b), Bill Porter (d)
Apr 11, 12, 18-20Tiny's Bengal InnJohnny Albert BandJam Session Sunday
Apr 11, 15, 18Sparky's Avenue RestaurantVic Kirch Quartet
Apr 18, 19Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triowith Bob Dineri (v)
Apr 18, 19Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers
Apr 25Golden GrillSalt City Fivewith Chuck Cameron (d), Joyce McGrath )v)
May 02, 03Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers
May 05, 19J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Triowith Joe Caruso (b), Bill Porter (d)
May 09-11, 16-18, 23-24, 29-30Tiny's Bengal InnJohnny Albert Band
May 09, 10Golden GrillDixieland Ramblers and Don Manning Triowith Al Vino
May 10Band BoxMatt Scherzi Trio
May 23, 24Ridge Crest InnDon Manning Triowith Bob Dineri (v)
May 23, 29O'Brien's LoungeDoug Duke
May 31Mardi GrasDixieland Ramblers
Jun 02J&L LoungeMatt Scherziwith Joe Caruso (b), Bob Porter (d); Jam Session
Jun 06-08Ridge Crest InnWill Alger's Salt City 5with Chuck Cameron (d)
Jun 09, 23, 30J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Quartetfeaturing Joe Romano (ts)
Jun 20-22, 27-29Tiny's Bengal InnJohnny Albert Band
Jun 20-22, 27-29Ridge Crest InnSara Amigerinterludes for major artists
Jun 21Mardi GrasDon Manning Trio
Jul 07, 14, 21, 28J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Quartetfeaturing Joe Romano (ts)
Jul 03-06, 12, 31O'Brien's LoungeDoug Duke
Jul 05Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Trio; Sara Amiger
Jul 05Mardi GrasDon Manning Trio; Dixieland Ramblers
Jul 08-13Cafe Moulin RougeMatt Scherzi Swing 4
Jul 11-13, 18-20Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Trioopposite Art Blakey, Chico Hamilton
Jul 25, 26Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Trio
Aug 08-10El RanchoBob Livingstone Quartetfeaturing Howie Collins (g)
Aug 2, 3, 15-17Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Triofeaturing Bill Traikoff
Aug 04J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Quartetfeaturing Joe Romano (ts)
Aug 11, 18, 22, 29J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Jazz Giantsfeaturing Benny Salzano
Aug 29, 30Show BoatDixieland Ramblers
Aug 30Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Triofeaturing Bill Traikoff, Al Morrell
Sep 06-07Ridge Crest InnSalt City Five + Elmer Mongelli Trio
Sep 06Show BoatDixieland Ramblers
Sep 08J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Jazz Giants
Sep 19Tiny's Bengal InnJohnny Albert Band
Sep 19Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli Trio
Sep 19-20Jerry's El RanchoMatt Scherzi Jazz GiantsJam Session featuring Ben Salzano
Sep 19-20Show BoatDixieland Ramblers
Sep 22J&L LoungeMatt ScherziEvery Monday
Sep 26-29Jerry's El RanchoMatt Scherzi - Ben SalzanoJam Session Sunday
Oct 04Jerry's El RanchoMatt Scherzi TrioFeaturing Don Sheldon (d)
Nov 01Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli TrioFeaturing Billy Traikoff
Nov 01Show BoatDixieland Ramblers
Nov 13-16Ridge Crest InnSalt City FiveFeaturing Gap Mangione and Chuck Cameron; Dixieland Ramblers guests on Sunday
Nov 22Hokie's PlaceSmugtown StompersDixieland every Saturday
Nov 28-29Al's Green TavernWolfgang KnittelWolfgang at the Jazz Piano every Friday and Saturday
Dec 02-21J&L LoungeJoe Romano QuartetFeaturing Bob Livingston (d) ("New York City's top drummer"), Matt Scherzi (p), Gene Varren (Varenti) (b); Nightly except Monday; "Star of Woody Herman Band"
Dec 05-31DiPacific's SteakhouseAl Bruno TrioNick Zinni (g), Russ Musseri (ts, cl, f); Fridays & Saturdays and New Years Eve
Dec 03-06, 19, 20Josef'sDixieland Ramblers
Dec 12Ridge Crest InnElmer Mongelli TrioFeaturing Billy Traikoff
Dec 29Sparky's Avenue RestaurantJoe Romano QuartetMatt Scherzi (p), Gene Varenti (b), Bob Livingston (d)
Dec 31Il PapagalloDoug Duke

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Note 2: The bassist with the Don Manning Trio was usually Ron Carter during this period. Carter was a student at the Eastman School of Music at the time.

Rochester, NY Venue Locations:
Al’s Green Tavern – 1160 N. Goodman St.
Di Pacific’s Steakhouse – Junction Rtes. 96 & 232, Canandaigua, NY
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras – 4775 Lake Ave.
Hokie’s Place – 1670 Scottsville Rd.
Il Papagallo – 14 State St.
J&L Lounge – 881 Merchants Rd.
Jerry’s El Rancho – 3015 W. Henrietta Rd.
Josef’s – 465 E. Main St.
O’Brien’s Lounge – 1768 E. Main St.
Ridge Crest Inn – 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Show Boat – 750 Edgemere Dr.
Sparky’s Avenue Restaurant – University Ave. at E. Main St.
Tiny’s Bengal Inn – 5389 St. Paul St.