Discographical Data Sources

  • My personal recording collection
  • The recording collection of the Institute of Jazz Studies

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  • Lord, Tom, The Jazz Discography (online version)
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  • AllMusic Guide
  • Discogs
  • Both Sides Now LP Discographies
  • U.S. Copyright Office
  • ASCAP Database
  • BMI Database

Every effort has been made to insure accuracy when using the above sources and many others. No single source is considered unimpeachable and crosschecking is always employed. I have often contacted musicians, agents, record companies, record collectors and other historians and archivists in order to secure crucial information. However, despite my best efforts, in certain instances, a definitive description of a recording session has remained elusive because crucial data could not be found. For example, some recordings are so rare that I was unable to locate individuals or archives in possession of the items. Such cases are annotated. One of the advantages of online publishing is that feedback and subsequent corrections and additions are facile. I strongly encourage you to contact me if you see anything in any of my discographies that appears incorrect or incomplete. Your input will be acknowledged.

All of my discographies have been prepared using Steve Albin’s BRIAN program, a major advance in discographical research.