Local Artist Appearances 1959

Jan 02, 10Jerry's El-RanchoJoe Romano Quartetwith Matt Scherzi (p), Joe Caruso (b), Bob Livingston (d)
01Di Pacific'sAl Bruno
Jan 10Mardi GrasDon Manning Trio
01Sparky'sJoe Romano QuartetMonday jam session
Jan 16, 17, 23, 24Cliff Street GrillJamaica Jiveplus 2
Jan 21-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Joe Kloss (p)
Feb 14Marti'sDixieland Ramblers
Feb 13-??Ridge Crest InnNoal Cohen Triowith Joyce McGrath (v) and Wolfgang Knittel (p) - "Fabulous Pianist"; Frank Pullara (b)
Feb 22Treadway Inn, CanandaiguaDixieland Ramblerswith Max McCarthy
Mar 08-??New Club 414Little Giants QuartetBen Salzano (ts), Chuck Mangione (t), Frank Pullara (b), Noal Cohen (d) - pianoless quartet; Sunday afternoons
Mar 07, 08Quonset InnTom Monte Quartet
Mar 13, 14-??Ridge Crest InnNoal Cohen Triofeaturing Wolfgang (Knittel) on piano and Joyce McGrath (v); Frank Pullara (b)
Mar 20-??Tiny's Bengal InnJohnny Albert Band
Mar 30-??J&L LoungeMatt Scherzi Triowith Joe Caruso (b), Bill Porter (d); Monday nights only
Apr 04Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Joy Palmer
Apr 14-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Carol Woods
Apr 21-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Al Vino
Apr 21Club Blue ChipRuss Rizzo Bandfeaturing Ken Purtell (vib)
May 04J&L LoungeMatt Scherziwith Joe Romano (ts), Joe Caruso (b), Pete Macaluso (d)
05Mr. B's BarJoe Romano Quartetevery Thursday, Friday, Saturday
May 15-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Judy Jordon
May 18J&L LoungeJoe Romano & Matt Scherzievery Monday
May 21, 28Mr. B's BarJoe Romano Quartet"Jam Session Tonight"; with Matt Scherzi (p), Pete Macaluso (d)
Jun 02-??Show BoatSara Amiger
Jun 02-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Trio
Jun 16-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Joy Palmer
Jun 19Mr. B's BarJoe Romano Quartet
Jun 20-??Pittsford InnDixieland Ramblers
Jul 03, 17Pittsford InnDunlap Brothers Bandwith Don Stockton (d)
Jul 14-??Swing ClubMike Romeo Quintetwith Teddy Carlisle (p), Vince Rand (ts), Norm Cohen (b), Tony Corona or Pete Macaluso (d); nightly
Jul 17-??Stage Coach InnJohnny Albert BandSaturday nights
Aug 15Ridge Crest InnBill Bennettwith Sibby Brook (b)
Aug 28-??Pittsford InnDunlap Brothers BandFriday nights
Aug 29-??Pittsford InnDixieland RamblersSaturday nights
Aug 30, Sep 13Pittsford InnSalt City SixSunday nights
Sep 03-??Hi-Fi 400Ray DunlapMonday-Thursday
Oct 02-??Hi-Fi 400Elmer Mongelliwith Nick Zinni (b); Fridays & Saturdays
Sep 08Mardi GrasDon Manning Triowith Cathy Tappan
Sep 12-??Town & CountryPaul Tardif Triowith Ed DeMatteo (b), Noal Cohen (d); Fridays and Saturdays
Sep 17-??Hi-Fi 400Dunlap Brothers Bandwith Al Tyler (d); Jam Session Sundays
Sep 18-??Mr. B's BarMatt Scherzi TrioFridays & Saturdays
Oct 01-??Hi-Fi 400Ray Dunlap
Oct 29-??Mardi GrasDon Manning Trio
Oct 30Arch HotelBill Traikoff Quartet
Nov 14-??Hi-Fi 400Elmer Mongelli Triowith Nick Zinni (b), Jack Stevens (d)

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Note 2: Many engagements were extended. If no ending date is indicated, the artists may have appeared at the venue for several weeks or even longer.

Rochester, NY Venue Locations:
Arch Hotel – 1288 Clinton Ave. No.
Club Blue Chip – 349 Brown St.
Di Pacific’s Steakhouse – Junction Rtes. 96 & 232, Canandaigua, NY
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras – 4775 Lake Ave.
Hi-Fi 400 – 1363 N. Goodman St.
J&L Lounge – 881 Merchants Rd.
Jerry’s El Rancho – 3015 W. Henrietta Rd.
Mr. B’s Bar – 361 Child St.
New Club 414 – 414 Ridge Rd. W.
Pittsford Inn, Pittsford, NY
Ridge Crest Inn – 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Show Boat – 750 Edgemere Dr.
Sparky’s Avenue Restaurant – University Ave. at E. Main St.
Stage Coach Inn – Rt. 104, Webster, NY
Swing Club – 115 Buffalo Rd.
Tiny’s Bengal Inn – 5389 St. Paul St.
Town & Country Restaurant – 11 Gibbs St.