Local Artist Appearances 1956

Jan 06 ,20Pittsford InnThe Dunlaps Band
Jan 07, 14, 20Ridge Crest InnBill Traikoff Orchestrawith Dubonnet Sisters ("interpretive dancers"), Sara Amiger and special attraction Battle of the Drums: Don Manning vs. Don Sheldon
Jan 13,14Golden GrillDixieland RamblersBattle of the Drums - Don Sheldon vs. Charlie Cameron
Jan 14Stage Coach InnJohnny Albert BandEvery Saturday
Jan 28Golden GrillSalt City Five vs. Dixieland RamblersBattle of the Bands
Jan 28Ridge Crest InnBill Traikoff OrchestraSara Amiger (p), Al Bruno (b), Don Manning (d)
Feb 3,4Golden GrillDixieland RamblersDon Hunt (t), Hank Burger (tb), Ralph Unterborne (cl), Buddy DeTar (p), Max McCarthy (b), Charlie Cameron (d); gig continued into March, April, May
Feb 03Pittsford InnRay Dunlap QuartetEvery Friday
Feb 04Stage Coach InnJohnny Albert BandSaturday Nights into March
Feb 14RivieraJoe Squeezer Band
Feb 18,24Paddock LoungeSam Tomasino (sax)with Frank Gillespie (p), Jerry Santora (d); gig continued into March
Feb 18Quonset InnKen Purtell Triowith Bob Fuller (g), Barney Barlow (b), Joyce Fasano (v)
Feb 19Ridge Crest InnOriginal Hi-Land QuintetSunday Jazz Session - Johnny Dunlap, Sam Tomasino, Chuck Cameron, Bill Traikoff, Jamaica Jive
Apr 13, 14Ridge Crest InnBill Traikoff Orchestrawith Rosalie Michaels (v)
Apr 18-20Golden GrillJoe Mancuso Combowith Joyce McGrath (v)
Apr 27Spencerport InnKen Purtell Triowith Bob Fuller (g), Barney Barlow (b); gig continued into May
Apr 27, 28Ridge Crest InnBill Traikoff Orchestra
Apr 28Golden GrillMike Arena Bandwith Bob Dinere and Chick Edmond
May 04Paddock LoungeSam Tomasinowith Frank Gillespie (b), Tony Corona (d); gig continued into June, July
May 11, 12Ridge Crest InnBill Traikoff Orchestrawith Sara Amiger
May 11, 12Golden GrillDon Sheldon and Dixieland All Stars
May 16-18, 27-28Helen's Forest HouseJohnny Albert BandGig continued through June
May 26Golden GrillSalt City Five vs. Dixieland RamblersBattle of the Bands; Salt City Five is Dick Okley (t), Will Alger (tb), Jack Maheu (cl), Bill Rubenstein (p), Lou Miller (b), Rod Hawley (d); also July 13,14, October 5,6, November 2,3
May 25, 26Ridge Crest InnSara Amiger, Al Bruno, Don Manning
Jun ??Golden GrillDixieland RamblersBattle of the Drums - Don Sheldon vs. Charlie Cameron; Ramblers continue through June
Jun 8,9Ridge Crest InnSara Amiger, John Volpe, Don Sheldon
Jun 22, 23Recreation InnRay Dunlap and Anne Zona (v)The 4 Dunlaps on Sunday
Jul 6, 7, 20, 21Golden GrillDixieland RamblersSteady gig continued into August, September, October, November, December
Aug 10; Sep 14, 28, 29Ridge Crest InnSara Amiger Trio
Aug 23Highland Park BowlJazz FestivalFree concert at 7 PM by 20 local groups co-sponsored by the Rochester Musicians Association and the City
Aug 31; Sep 1, 2The KasbahKen Purtell Trio
Sep 14, 21Helen's Forest HouseJohnny Albert Band
Oct 12, 19, 26Paddock loungeSam Tomasino, Frank Gillespie, Joe MancusoGig continued through November
Oct 26Colline's Village LoungeJohnny Albert BandBuddy Schlegel (sax), Jerry Taney (p), Bobby Widmer (d)
Dec 7, 8, 14, 15Paddock LoungeFrank Gillespie TrioSam Musseri (ts), Tony Corona (d); Gig continued through New Years
Dec 14Ernie's PlaceMickey Michaels (ts, bar) Modern Jazz TrioSap Cappe (p, acc), Gene Varenti (b), Tony Romeo (d); every Friday
Dec 14Golden GrillSalt City Five

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive. Many clubs did not advertise their bookings. The information is taken from microfilm of the Rochester Times-Union stored at the main library in Rochester, NY.

Rochester, NY Venue Locations:
Colline’s Village Lounge – Latta Rd. & Lake Ave.
Ernie’s Place – 4653 Lake Ave.
Golden Grill = Mardi Gras – 4775 Lake Ave.
Helen’s Forest House – 2100 Ridge Rd. E.
Kasbah, The = Rattlesnake Pete’s – 8 Mill St.
Paddock Lounge – 2264 Clifford Ave.
Pittsford Inn – Pittsford, NY
Quonset Inn – Fairport, NY
Recreation Inn – West Lake Rd., Conesus Lake
Ridge Crest Inn – 1982 Ridge Rd. E.
Riviera – Lexington Ave. & Mt. Read Blvd.
Spencerport Inn – Spencerport, NY
Stage Coach Inn – Rt. 104, Webster, NY